TWT staking & burning & more

  1. Staking TWT
  2. Co-staking TWT with others stakings
  3. Regular burning TWT.
  4. BIG one-time burning TWT
  5. NFTs discount for TWT-holders
  6. Lottery TWT
  7. Unique collections NFTs by TWT
  8. Fee for swap and exchange
  9. Enhanced integration of the token into various third-party services, platforms and sites. Not necessarily crypto topics.
  10. other…

I am sure that the wallet team is very needlessly neglecting the work on the use of the token and on the increase in its price.

The fact is that the TWT rocket itself is a very powerful newsbreak that will give a huge impetus to downloading and using the wallet and extension. This is a big hype, much more useful than a “Bounty hunt”.

I wish the wallet team understood this. The use of the token that already exists now is very good. But very little.

P.S. Sorry for bad english


Nice idea and knowledge :saluting_face: I don’t mind if you can share more information in the comments

1. Staking

Regular staking like everywhere else. Only exclusively in the TrustWallet and APY is higher than the offers of third-party platforms.

2. Co-staking

The TrustWallet has offers for staking different tokens. You can make it so that you can add a certain amount of TWT to staking, corresponding to the amount of stake and receive an additional percentage of TWT.

For example, I stake 10 BNB at 3% and can add up to 1000 TBT at 10% to it.

3. Regular burning TWT

If the volume of TWT supply increases, then it is necessary to regularly burn tokens in such a volume as to keep the total supply unchanged. Each burning should be done transparently, announcing it so that everyone understands how much is burned and why.

4. BIG one-time burning TWT

Burn a one-time large amount of TWT, for example, 30%. In honor of the launch of the browser extension and the start of active use of TWT.

It will give a big hype on the news, a huge additional interest for using TWT and, most importantly, TrustWallet.

5. NFTs discount for TWT-holders

In the future NFЕ-store in the TrustWallet or in purchases from third-party stores, make a discount for TWT holders.

Technically, when connecting, for example, a browser extension, the store checks for TFT and automatically offers other prices. You can negotiate with various popular sites.

6. Lottery TWT

Conduct regular lotteries, exclusively in the TrustWallet. We buy tickets for TWT, then draw. Winning TWT.

Ticket proceeds to be burned during the regular burn.

7. Unique collections NFTs by TWT

Create various interesting TrustWallet-themed collections NFTs and sell exclusively for TWT. Collections can be made useful. That is, to give some preferences, badges, and so on for the possession of such NFTs.

8. Fee for swap and exchange

Commission in TWT for exchanges within the TrustWallet. Think carefully about the size of the commission so that it is not too much. Maybe not for any exchanges, but only for some. Or only for those who do not hold TWT)))


9. Enhanced integration of the token into various third-party services, platforms and sites.

One of the top destinations! It is necessary to build a full-fledged WEB3 infrastructure right now, and the TrustWallet should be ahead of everyone in this movement.

For example, now only specialized dApp have the ability to connect wallets. It is necessary to implement the ability to connect TrustWallet to regular sites.

First of all, to large social networks, where there are many visitors. An ideal example for us is Twitter. Everything is here for us. You can very well beat a bunch of TWitter-TrustWallet (TW)-TWT. It’s like everything was pre-planned!

Agree with Twitter and make it possible to connect the TrustWallet to Twitter. I pressed the connect button and already there, easily and simply. And then a lot of possibilities.

For example, donations to bloggers, buying gifts, voting, and so on. All the functionality of the TrustWallet itself is instantly distributed among the huge mass of Twitter users.

Do not forget about the exclusive for the TWT. For example, pay for blue verification badges with TWT.

An interesting opportunity is to use BAB (Binance Account Bound token) from Binance as a confirmation of verification on Twitter and other sites. It is necessary to actively promote BAB, this is a very useful thing.

Think through all these steps and make announcements without wasting time. By doing this, we will remove the FUD-negative and connect to the group of pioneers WEB3.

It is necessary to show that the TrustWallet team continues to work, that the browser extension does not end, that everything is just beginning. Constantly new announcements, projects and voting. The TrustWallet should be the first among the whole set. And the championship is very easy to lose. The functionality of other competing wallets is very good, you know.

10. Information section

It would also be very nice to add an information section to the TrustWallet and browser extension for publishing announcements and news. A huge number of TrustWallet users are not connected to TrustWallet publics and are not up to date. And in the wallet they will immediately see everything. Very comfortably.

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  1. No economycal logic behind that provided, so false narrative.
  2. Wallet is not a crypto VC, not same business (especially in regulations) and also, how more twt for BNB staking is cool for TWT? Most of such lucky ones will just sell twt at market, so its pure selling pressure.
  3. Already done. Explore. And TWT already all minted, so what increases of supply you think about?
  4. Already done explore more)
  5. Why will it work out for providers?)
  6. And what it will help to do in longterm?
  7. May be worth exploring, yet not seems a deep value
  8. Technically not good idea, and there is more simple mechanism that is in work already with discounts thru hodl.
  9. Well, firstly thanks for efforts to write this, as its nice and wordy description, hope that will be done in future, as we already see that TW is used for social networks such as Instagram and VK, so your idea in work already)
  10. Yep, may be nice, but isnt notification feed already used for such?

Also, price of TWT is surely not a first prior, as TW can make just hype and throw away coins and news as hot pies thru twitter, but its not a way, so any arguments in that attitude is false in origin.

1-2-Final words

Yes, I understand that a TrustWallet is not venture capital. And I have seen message that the price of the coin is not a priority. But I suggest not to brush aside the proposals and call them false without reflection.

And the thinking is that a TWT that is inextricably linked to a wallet can serve as a great engine for the expansion of the wallet. And people are most interested in money. What do you think raises more hype, a browser extension announcement or a TWT rocket?

It immediately turns out that the TWT was created just like that, just in case, to be. And now we think how to use it. It is possible that the TrustWallet did not need its own token at all in this case.

Therefore, in my opinion, the price of a TWT is important, and not so much for making money, but for spreading the TrustWallet.

3. Already explained. If there is staking and there are mechanics that increase supply, then regular burning will be required.

4. I know. And I’m talking about one more thing.

5. I don’t know. These are ideas for discussion, reflection and possibly the birth of new ideas.

6. Increasing interest in the TWT and in the TrustWallet. Regular use of the wallet on an ongoing basis. See the introduction to this post.

7. Ideas. Which, by the way, is not so difficult to implement. The goal is the same. Increasing interest in the TrustWallet. When everything is quiet, nothing is heard and there is nothing interesting on Twitter, then interest in the wallet fades. You need to constantly warm up.

8. Yes, it’s good that they have already implemented it through holding. Maybe you need to move on and do something new, maybe not. Ideas for reflection and discussion.

9. :+1:

10. Not exactly. It seems to me that a separate tab is needed for such a more extensive news feed with regular updates. Perhaps a news feed by category, which will be filled in by individual professionals. A kind of telegram channel about cryptocurrency news, only in the TrustWallet itself.

Here’s the idea. Make the TrustWallet not just a wallet, but an application that will be used every day. Load functionality. For example, tabs with price charts. the ability to create custom lists and notifications about price changes and so on.

Ideally, make sure that I delete all third-party applications on this topic and one TrustWallet is enough for me for everything.

Thank you too!

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