TWT Staking in Trust Wallet

I hope there is also a staking option for TWT holders in Trust Wallet, just like other coins such as KAVA, XTZ, TRX, ATOM, and ALGO. Thanks.


That would be a good sight. This will help one have passive income.

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Staking is the best way for beginner. Beginner can lose money by trading

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TWT doesn’t have own blockachain (coins that you mentioned have) so there is no purpose to stake it.

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Please be aware just making a coin stakable with no practical purpose behind it doesn’t get you anything in the long run. There are scam coins out there that give you 30% staking reward (or even more) but they don’t even have a purpose. It’s just cheap cash for the company behind it and those guys see one quick pump when people get greedy, then get dumped and your stuck with a worthless coin. But at least you get 30% APY :wink:

So dont get me wrong, I’m not against staking but we should always ask what’s the practical purpose behind it (collateral / securing network /voting rights / rewarding early adoptors). If you have no purpose behind it it’s just a marketing trick to get people to buy a certain coin.


And some really boring boys will say like google the emission rate and system of coins because that will work as inflation rate that will eat all profit out. So stake/save is not so easy to make profitable. There is no easy money)