TWT Use case(s)

Hello :trust: Community,

I am curious to hear what the community thinks about TWT use cases. I am only listing a few ideas (in no particular order) that you might agree or disagree with. You might think that some of these are unrealistic so I would implore you to share your thoughts.

Case 1: BNB Jr.
Similar to BNB, TWT would offer discounts on fees (trading / transaction / listing) while functioning primarily as a loyalty rewards system. Maybe there could even be crossover with Binance’s exchange platforms?

Case 2: Super Token
Encompassing all the fee discounts from Case 1, TWT could also be used for trading with trading pairs on Binance and or DEX.

Case 3: Compound Reward
TWT is paid for staking BNB, and possibly other assets, within TRUST wallet. Example tiers: 30 days earns 1% per annum, 90 days earns 5% per annum, 180 days earns 10% per annum.
Alternatively, the reward could compound daily and the percentage would be based on the amount of BNB (or other asset) that is staked, thus providing flexible staking periods. For this a maximum reward payout might need to be considered.

Case 4: TRUST Lending
To me the words ‘TRUST’ and ‘Lending’ go hand in hand. How cool would it be if TRUST wallet had a built-in peer-to-peer lending protocol where regardless of the borrowed asset(s) interest is paid to the lender in TWT?! I would use it!

- Xian
Keep On Trusting :trust:


I think #4 is cool idea, just a slightly in other view:
to get p2p loan from fellow “truster” i must stake enough twt to proof my good intentions of repay;) Or something like that, core is more trust wallet token you can stake against any type of deal inside app, when you need trust your visavi.
And i think taht Binance smart chain can open a road to construct such p2p dapp or even built in feature for bep2 tokens.


I support case 1 and 4.

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