TWT's Market Stats are Finally Here!

Hello community,

After a long period of speculation and guessing around, Coinmarketcap has finally added TWT’s cap details. This is great news; no more question marks all around and people will ‘stumble upon’ this token more easily. Make sure you check it yourself!


We’re currently ranked on #318, with a trading volume of around 7 mil dollars - lots of money is invested in the project lately. Having 1/4 of the total supply available, (total 1bln., circulating is ~250 mil.), we have a market cap. of only $21 mil. There’s a lot of room for growth! A 10x from this point would bring us to $210 mil., ranking around #60 on Coinmarketcap. And I think this is totally doable.

If you don’t understand how the marketcap works, make sure you visit my post “Marketcap Explained”.




Of course. The team never stop building… Setting the standards. In :trust: we trust

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