Uhive HVE2 Airdrop Round 2

I particioated in Uhives HVE2 Airdroo round 2 and recieved an airdrop. When i entered the airdrop, i used my etherium public recieving address from trust wallet. The only way to accept the Airdrop is by inking your metamask etherium address.

I inported my Trust wallet into metamask. But now Whenever i go Uhives airdrop page and click link wallet, i am prompted that wallet is connected but i had used another etherium address when i entered airdrop.

What is the correct way to import trust wallet multi-coin wallet (etherium address) in to metamask to recieve Uhive HVE2 airdrop?

Hello @Apocalypticworld
I can’t advise as to regards connecting your wallet to receive the airdrop but all you need to import your Trust wallet to metamask is your recovery words or private key.