Unable Adx wallet dont show USD% Help please

Hi, I want to transfer Adx to exchange but it dosen’t accept any addresses. And not show USD $, help me please.


First of all not every coin updated with price neither trust wallet show’s every coin’s price chart. It depends on whether the coin is listed to coinmarketcap or not. If the coin has been listed to coinmarketcap and has a active trading volume, trust wallet shows the price chart for that coin. Otherwise you won’t see price of that coin in trust wallet.

Second of all, AdEx is a Erc20 token which means you must have ETH as gas fee to send AdEX to other address. Be sure to have enough gas fee (gwei) in your wallet and then try again.


Adez erc20 in my wallet show.


Please help support team trust!

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Do you have Ether available in your wallet for this transaction? If yes, please screenshot the send screen for us to help you


You need to have ETH on your wallet to be able to send your ERC-20 ADX tokens.

Also, the price of the token depends on several factors.
If it is not actively traded on exchanges then the price will not show on the app.
Learn more here:

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