Unable to buy Cosmos(ATOM)

I need to buy a very small amount of Cosmos (ATOM) to pay the network fee to exit from a staked position. I am unable to buy ATOM in Trust wallet; it is marked “Not Available”.

My Public Address to Receive ATOM cosmos14j7wqu8flfhltkaknj43r3r7qa2pfzrlju6hm3

Hello @trust16 you can buy on exchange and transfer to your wallet address.

I’ve tried that, but I cannot transfer Cosmos(ATOM) into my trust wallet account. My exchange says that the crypto address isn’t valid for my trust wallet. The trust wallet is set as a multi-coin wallet.

Hello @trust16
Check to see what network your COSMOS on the senders wallet is on.

Thanks, that worked. I sent the ATOM from another exchange and it went through.