Unable to claim unstaked TRX after 30 days of unstaking

Its been an absolute nightmare just to figure out how to post my problem, but thank God I figured it out because reading how other people have similar issues is not going to solve anything for me as I need direct support for my particular case even if someone experienced the same issue. My TRX was unstaked 30 days ago. It says that its supposedly claimable, but when I click claim it says not available. This is taking me hours of diagnoses and resolution for something that has frozen my money beyond advertised and I’m currently having the worst experience all around with Trust Wallet.
Hash id: bd97c32f1e32e15b0c58f16d05f9f47a276446dd7be1f57e99b16a437b16dfcd

TRX address: TNQm36kLow3Eo3yYDM1WWb8jeFkBRFoPTq
App Version: 8.7.1 (no update available)


@Redraiderd10 Can you provide a screenshot of the error you get when trying to claim?

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@Redraiderd10 It may be you do not have enough available TRX to claim.
You can try depositing a little amount and then claim.
If that doesn’t work, please create a support ticket here:

So it costs more than the reward amount you get from staking to unstake the amount you put in. What a terrible deal on offer, and of course I can’t convert my USDT to TRX, I have to buy more Tron. I’m gettin all my money OUT of this platform, what a nightmare.

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@Redraiderd10 A little amount which means an amount not up to 5 USD just for fee, I didn’t suggest greater than your TRX balance.

Im just saying that even 5 usdt cost to unstake is more than the reward for staking making staking a bad deal. If i cant unstake with the rewards i earned for staking. Then im literally losing money by staking.

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@Redraiderd10 That was a suggestion, please open a support ticket.

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