Unable to convert, swap or do anything with DOGE

I’ve seen this topic on here before with no resolution. When are you going to fix the DOGE BEP20 to DOGE BEP2 swap? I have DOGE BEP20 and can’t do anything with it. Pancake swap freezes as the approval stage in an attempt to exchange the BEP20 into anything.

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To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

Trust Wallet app version

Crypto address

Transaction ID (if you have any)

Details about your issue

Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any

How do you send screen shots on this? Everytime I try to send one I get a “you can’t embed items in this post message.”

@Dbrasco06 you can send the details in plain text. Just copy and paste here.


Version 5.21 (5210)

Balance of 470 Doge BP20

Error when trying to convert to Binance.Chain is “Insufficient Dodgecoin (DOGE) balance.

In pancakeswap it just keeps running when trying to get approval for the swap to BNB

I had a similar problem earlier…awaiting Admins to approve my post. Best of luck to you.

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@Dbrasco06 the problem with DOGE BEP20 swap error was fixed in new update (v5.22), update the app and try again, if problem persists let me know.

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Unable to convert, swap or do anything with DOGE so what can i do now?

I have the same problem
My trust wallet version is 7.32.2
When i choose dogecoin the app closes and kicks me out
I can’t click on the dogecoin and transfer it or do anything else
Please help me how to fix this issue

Hello @HamedMokhtari
What device are you using?
Can you try deleting the app and reinstalling it then try again.
Ensure you have a backup of your wallet before doing this.