Unable to send ADA & ZEC from trust wallet

Hello support team,

I am not sure why sometimes working sometimes not.
I was able to send both ADA and ZEC and all of sudden it stopped working lol.

already tried recommend guide: reinstalling the app and restore my wallet etc.
I am using iOS and the latest version of trust wallet app 9.6(802)

thank you

Hello @sendtogil
Are you trying to send full amount out?
I would suggest you try to send a lesser quantity out and see if that works.

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I tried with less amount again but both are showing the same error messages:
for ADA: “The data couldn’t be read because it is missing. Code:200”
and ZEC: 502 bad gateway

I’ve tried to send small amount just now. and getting the same errors.
not sure what is wrong. it was working like 2 hrs ago.

@sendtogil Please go to settings, click “preferences”.
Search for ADA/Cardano, disable the automatic selection, then re-enable it and try sending your assets once again to see if it works.

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Please help me why can’t I send cardano ADA out of my trust wallet ? It display transaction error

Hello @Fide1 Can you confirm if you have the recent app update?

Currently, going into preferences for ZEC and checking the nodes, none is active. Trying to send ZEC to and external Wallet does not work. After pressing the continue button, it starts loading and nothing happens afterwards.

@papadopoulos.ge Do you mean you are unable to send out your ZEC ?
Can you check if your app is updated.