Unable to-send due to dust UTXO error

unable to-send due to dust UTXO error ??? ???

Hi @timoala,

Read this to know why you got that error:

I keep getting timed out error when trying to send Harmony one tokens to Binance account. I have the latest trust version and correct address being used. This has been happening for two days now.

How is 0.00027 BTC considered dust? That’s around $16.70 usd currently. And also with a recent deposit within the last hour. Up to date version and correct address as well. This is the second time I had this problem with trust wallet. So no automated or copy and pasted responses please that usually get sent. I’m aware of what dust is and how it works so let’s skip that part.

Now it says after another small deposit that 0.0003728 BTC ($23.14) is dust. When I put in send 0.0003729 BTC it goes through to next the option to change fee, which is set at $13.09 originally. When I put in send 1 BTC at $62,000 it says fee of $13.08 haha $0.01 cheaper

I’m having the same problem but I dont have the option to change the amount. There is no wheel in the top right corner for me to click on to change whats going on!!


Admin please help i cant wd my bitcoin. In confirm transaction just showing like this
Unable to transfer due to dust utxo error
And no buttong i can press anymore!

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How we solve this my friend.its been annoying for me.
Im not doing any thing wrong but this happend