Unable to send ETH to another wallet


I have some issues with my trust wallet.

I tried 3 times in a row to send my ETH to my Portis wallet but Etherscan doesn’t recognize the address.

I’ve also some issues with exchanging some cryptocurrencies (ETH/BNB) into others.


You can follow these steps to fix the Pending Transactions.
If you still need assistance, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)

Hello Zachzwei;

Thank you for the help you’re providing to me.

I don’t know which version my wallet is working on.

But I found the address: 0x1c56261F37B16910A364d61D9FfD04Cd6256123E

I tried to cancel the 3 pending transactions with no success.

Same message displayed any time I want to see the details: “Sorry. We are unable to locate this TnxHash”


The version number can be found on Settings, then scroll down to About.

If you are not seeing details about the created pending transaction, you need to do a ReImport:

Please let us know if this works.


Hello Andrew ;

Thanks again for ypor prompt response.

Here’s the version of my wallet: 1.7.150


Please reimport your wallet. This will help you. We are preparing fix for this in next update. We are sorry for inconvenience.


Hello Andrew;

I succeeded in reimporting my wallet.

My coins are saved!

Thank you very much Andrew for your assistance.

It was so easy, thanks to God!


This guide on reimporting wallet, has really helped me…I have now seen the essence of scrolling through the community for problems relating to what am experiencing…


better than me mate

just had a car crash and my phone and its micro SD was destroyed

seed recovery phrase was in the micro SD - wondering how the hell i am gonna recover it


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Hi All, about a month ago I inadvertently transferred $1500 worth of Polygon/Matic to Coinbase not realizing that they only support the Ethereum token. Neither @Trustwallet20211 nor Coinbase was able to help… Coinbase said if/when the polygon chain version is added, there’s a chance I’ll be able to recover my funds. Just curious if this re-import process would work for the aforementioned scenario… Note that the transaction was sent / completed so I guess it’s just floating in space. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated! I’ll also include a nice big Thank you tip via Twitter!! :pray::wink:

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Damn! If the accident wasn’t enough, feel for you bro! I assume it wasn’t copied over into a cloud or Google drive where you’d be able to restore it on a different phone? Or maybe browser history?

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@mmancuso5691 confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. Nothing can be done. Like they said, just wait until they support Polygon.

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Thanks Alan. A bunch of folks recommended that I submit a support desk ticket to Trust — they all claim to have had their funds were restored. Is it fair to assume that solutions can vary based on the security / status? Just off the record, do you think there’s a good chance CB will add it? Lately they seem to be adding on a much more frequent basis. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.