Unable to send out Bitcoin

I keep trying to send out Bitcoin from my wallet but it keeps saying consider decreasing sending amount or topping up the balance


@Temitope0 Please update your app to the recent app version then try decreasing the amount.

I tried that already it’s still the same. I have $35 worth of btc and I’ve tried sending just $10 worth it’s still telling be to consider decreasing. Please what else can I do

@Temitope0 That means the fee isn’t enough to send the transaction.

Please do you have any speculation on when Bitcoin transaction fee will be back to normal. Over $30 transaction fee can’t be paid to trade a $5 coin. That’s terrible

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@Temitope0 In your Trust app, tap on Bitcoin and check the upper left corner, there is an estimated average fee shown there.
You can monitor that till fees are down.