Unable to send TRC20 JST

Hi Trust Wallet,

I cannot send my JST tokens.
It shows an error when I send it.
It is not going anywhere.

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Apologies for the inconvenience.
The team is aware of the issue related to the “FAIL-OUT OF ENERGY>” error.
This is just happening with TRC20 transfers.
A fix will be released as soon as possible.

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sorry I have similar problem could you please help me?

for transfer usdt(trc20) its going cancel
crypto address

I have the same issue when trying to transfer USDT to another wallet.
I don’t have any TRX on my wallet.
My app version: 1.22.9
Trust Wallet USDT Address: TXtruj5mDo7EMfd6u1Kc6bUehxPcSwuoEE
Please let me know when you have a fix.

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hi , can you help me ?
I cannot transfer USD through trc20 !

My wallet : TJfHAcPQFz1uvuuuKWa8FZArS94AJEQufV
version app : 2.6945.0 ( 6945 )

I have same problem with sending transaction from Trust Wallet USDT TRC20. When it will be solved?

Hello @shayan_bhd @debdas @lala and @Ht1203,

A new version is being rolled out right now. If it’s available in your play/app store, please update it. If you need to transfer it immediately, you can use the beta version of the app: Beta Program | Trust Wallet

Thanks, App is still unavailable in AppStore, but beta version work, transaction sent successful.

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