Unable to stake in Badger Sett Vault

Not sure what the issue is but. I hold WBTC/WETH SLP (sushiswap LP tokens) and I’m trying to move them to the Badger sett vault of the same type. The badger. Finance app however does not see my SLP tokens and so I cannot stake.

I use the multicoin Trustwallet, version 1.26.5 (latest). Connecting with the Badger app is a little quirky, it has no native Trustwallet connection (can’t connect if you choose metamask), but can be connected by QR code in walletconnect ← not sure if this is the reason.

I have included 3 pictures: 1) sushiswap stake, 2) confirmation of stake seen in my Trustwallet, 3) Badger unable to find my WBTC/WETH SLP tokens.

Anyone else have this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @pokeureye,

It is best to contact the Badger team so they can investigate this issue.

Sounds like a plan. Thank you

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After speaking with the Badger guys I can confirm that Trust Wallet does not sync with the Badger App. You have to sync another wallet like metamask or walletconnect.org

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