Unable to Stake TRX

Trx staking… The next button after choosing max amount does not work or react. I can not proceed!

What should I do?


You need to be doing the staking of your TRX tokens via the main wallet of Tron (TRX).
Just have to tap on More to access the Staking Menu.

If you are still unable to stake, please provide the following:

  1. Trust Wallet version.
  2. TRX address
  3. Screenshots of errors(if you have any)

I knew that and u did that. Problem exists. However I did linking to laptop web browser and started the process that way…


This will be fixed in upcoming update 1.7.166. Sorry for inconvenience

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Version. 5.17


i can’t stake ma trons

And as a result, I can not UNstake it

ma trons is frozen

but :point_down:t4:

What error do you get when you try to unstake?

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I just want my Trons released
I need money :pensive:
please help me my friend
my transaction id is :point_down:t4:
my tron id :point_down:t4:
my trust wallet version 5.17

my trons is (frozen)
That’s why I can’t take it UNstake :pensive:
i need money

I emailed you with details of my problem

have same problem!
can’t unstake trx even more then 3 days already pass

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Can you share more details about your concern.

  1. App version
  2. TRX address

yes sure

trx adress :


app version : 5.17

But I tried after 3 days and it didn’t work

5.17 (5174)


What should I do now?

Our devs are looking into this issue.
It seems that there was some changes implemented on the Tron blockchain.
Your patience on this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your kindness, I’m waiting…
i need money soon :pray:t4:

it will be some update over all users? also me?
thanks a lot for trying to solve!

I have same issue.

  1. Update trust wallet few min ago and now it is 5.17
  2. stack again with same amount but still I can not unstack after the 3-days.
    Thanks god it was small amount of trons :slight_smile:
    It is not good, how can we trust on Trust?
    hash is
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How can we trust on trust