Unable to Swap BEP2 (Binance USD) to Smart Chain?

I hope someone can help…

I created a new wallet with TW yesterday, added in some funds via Binance USD which came through. I now can’t swap these into Smart Chain on the app, it says ‘You don’t have enough BNB to cover network fees’. I have a small amount of Smart Chain BNB that covers the fee, but it still doesn’t work.

Any ideas why this isn’t working for me?

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Im having the same issue. I go to swap my BNB to Smart Chain. It shows what Ill pay and what Ill receive on smartchain, both the same. I click swap and a page comes up that says confirm transaction but there is nowhere to click to confirm. Ive looked everywhere and Ill I can find is people with the same issue I have.

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Someone help me please I am missing tokens after purchasing another batch.

Me also stuck on busd B2 i cant trade or swap to bnb B20 any idea guys.?

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So how do we get out our money? I got charged 32 dollars already. I really need help.

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