Unable to Swap from SHIBA to Most Top Crypto Currencies

Within Dex, under “You Pay”, I have selected SHIB (Shiba Inu). Then it asks me to choose the toke to get; So I select Elrond eGold, but then it goes back and asks me with what to pay (“You Pay”), this will go in an infinite loop.
This happens when I also select most any of the top currencies. It seems the only thing that does work is going from SHIB to ETH and other less popular currencies.
Neither Cardano ADA, Solana, XPR, nor Bitcoin BTC nor others will work. I just get put in an infinite loop. :infinity:
I am assuming it “may” be some inter-exchange limitation. I have spent hours testing as well as looking online to no avail. If this is an issue that lets say, you cannot go from SHIB to these more popular currencies, why does the app not indicate this.
With all respect, Trust Wallet should focus more on making this app more usable for the new user. As others have mentioned, why are there no videos, that show the step by step processes, and include any encounters that may show up (say "if you encounter this problem, see this video). As many of the responses given in these forums, are given with partial answers here and others there.
Cheers and thanks in advance for any assistance. :beers:

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Hello @Gues
Some trading pairs are not supported yet in the DEX tab therefore you need to find a supported pair with your SHIBA and make a swap into them.

  • First off, how is a new person supposed to know? I seriously spent hours, and lost a trading opportunity. Not even a message, e.g. “We are sorry but those pairs are not supported”
  • Why not make a matrix; spreadsheet, so one can look up what can be traded. Or perhaps show listed items one wants to trade to as crossed off with say a line saying ‘pairs not support… see help guides for more info’.
    Anywhoo, thank you for at least the quick response. Trust Wallet, you have lots to work on your app.
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I DEX ETH TO SHIB. I didn’t get Shib but my ETH is missing how can I get my Shib

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When using pancakeswap to swap from any token to bnb, I will be asked to enable that token before I can swap

After I enable the token with a charge, I still cannot swap that token

I have wasted money several times trying to enable a token but to no avail

I need help urgently please

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Hi have same issue , i transfer shiba inu from binance to trustwallet 24days ago but not showing value of this. only show to volume of it and top left BEP20 and cant swap or trade . please help


I did swap of shiba and eth but it is not reflected

HI Jenny, may i ask a dumb question. how do i enable a token on pancake swap? im trying to swap some leftover tokens but it ask me to “enable” and i have no idea how to do it lol