Unable to Swap or Send my WLD out of my trust wallet due to insufficient OP ETH

I moved my World coin (WLD) into my trust wallet, and I’ve been trying to move it out, but it’s not working. I’ve been getting this response of not having enough Optimism ETH, and from the breakdown, I’m seeing I have enough OP ETH. Please, how can I move out of my WLD? I need to help. It’s just stuck there, and I need it for something. Is there any other way to do it? I have tried swapping, and I’m getting the same response. I also tried using the browser to do an exchange, and I’m also getting the same response. Please, what should I do?
Wallet address:0x0990841B29ce86bCa6d43F1Cd19fDaCd627A1faE


@hustlexmotiv8 No you do not have ETH on the optimism network.

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It is saying I don’t have enough OP ETH to cover network fees. What should I do?

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@hustlexmotiv8 You need to deposit ETH but on the optimism network.

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I already have 0.65 OP ETH ($2.54). Please, what amount of OP ETH do I need to have to run the transaction?

@hustlexmotiv8 You have Optimism and not Ethereum Optimism.
You need Ethereum optimism as gas fees.

Thank you. Please, do you have any platforms I can buy from? I will grateful

@hustlexmotiv8 You can buy through your Trust app or deposit from an exchange like Binance

Can someone explain exactly what Trust Wallet Optimism Network Receiving addresses do I use to transfer from Publish0x to Trust Wallet?

@Hustlemonkey Check the token you’re sending first, what chain it’s on and then add that token to your Trust app, after doing so you can simply copy your address out.

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