Unable to trade to bnb

i had some coins in binance like 111 doge coins witch i wanted to transfer to usdt but i moved them as dogecoins to the trust wallet for convience it showed me my assets so i just transfered what i had,that was everything that i had in binance,i moved them 45 dogecoins at first and then cuz i was unable to trade those dogecoins to anything via trust wallet i traded the rest dogecoin in usdt via bianance and then transfered it to trust wallet only to find myself with a balance of 28 usd(15.6 usdt + 45 dogecoins) witch im unable to do anything since everything needs a bnb fee…and i cannot trade any of those 2 assets to bnb so my money are still in a crypto coin witch drops atm cuz trust wallet has only bnb fee,plz help me out,i know that money may seam so little to some ppl but that for me was just that and no more so i would apreciate some help

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