Unable to transfer MBL (MovieBloc) from Binance to Trustwallet

Hi there,

I am using the TW-app and Binance-app on IOS and both latest versions.
When pasting the MBL address from Trustwallet app into Binance withdrawal, it says: “The withdrawal address format is wrong. Please check the withdrawal address length and character content and try again.”

What am I doing wrong here? Could anyone help me out?


I found one “kind of” temporary workaround to have the MBL linked to my trustwallet.
Since you need to use the ont-network to transfer the MBL from Binance, it is possible to use your ont-address from trustwallet (or any other for that matter)

Pro: it wil transfer MBL out of Binance.
Con: it is not visible in Trustwallet-app in your ont-address.

In order to see it, you will have to use a wallet like Owallet, link or import your trustwallet ont-address, put some ong in it and behold! You will have regained control over your MBL outside Binance.

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Thanks for your explaination. I was thinking it was simpler to just download Onto wallet on playstore (for Android), make a new wallet (or import one). Then click on + to add a token. You will see both MBL erc20 and MBL onto. Pick the second one, check it on the left and it will appear in the main coin list. Then you can just manage it like other coin or token. Don’t forget to add some ONG for the gas. to be able to send and receive MBL or any Ontology token. :wink:

Thnx, that’ll work too I guess :grin:.
Still annoying Trustwallet doesn’t have proper support for MBL yet.