Unable to transfer USDT off my wallet - Help needed

Those weren’t charged. You only used 48% of the gas limit. You still have the ETH in your wallet. Think of the initial $ that you have seen earlier as the maximum amount that you are going to spend.

I WAS CHARGED 25$! I will repeat myself a few times in this post

I had 30 USD to 32 USD worth of ETH on MY ACCOUNT! (Depending on the slight fluctuation)

I sent $129 USDT out of my wallet

I set the Gwei to 120 ($17 usd of ETH to use max)

Only 48% of the charge was used $8.65

After the 129$ was sent out of my account $25 was subtracted from my ETH balance

I was left with about 6.5 USD woth of ETH on my account.

I then transfered the about 2.5$ off my account for about 3$

32 - 8.65 = 23.35

I was left with about 6.5 USD of ETH on my account after the 129 USDT was sent

even if the full 100% of gass was charged ( thats 32$ - 17$ = 15$)

I was left with 6.5$ on my account after the transaction

That means 25$ (roughly) of ETH was subtracted from my account after 129 USDT was sent out, how was i left with only 6.5 USD worth of ETH after the transaction on my account

I actually only had 6.5 USD worth ETH on my account after the money was sent out

Where did the other $$$ go if you say it only took $8.86

30 - 8.65 = 21
30 - 17 = 13


32 - 8.65 = 23
32 - 17 = 15

How did i only end up with 6.5 USD worth of ETH?!!?!?!?

This is basic math, is there another transaction fee that you take or another transaction fee that i am now aware of?


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You forgot to take into account the failed transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfcb4502e2376b96b91e3467473708a4fdbe78ba89fa80307821b07d71ca2a4f8

So you spent a total of 0.01506264 ETH fees for these two transactions.

i have the same problem bro. i feel disappointed.
i thought it has the same fee as you deposited other coins in the app.


Hi @thuglifex44,

The Trust Wallet app is a non-custodial (decentralized) wallet. You will be charged with network fees when you transact. Please be informed that Trust Wallet is not the one charging such fees, it is decided by the blockchain and the miners/validators.

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