Unable to Transfer USDT (TRC20)

Please where can I see my TRX

As you can see on the screenshot, there is no TRX on this address.
Can you provide the address where the USDT is?
I think you might have the ERC20 token instead.

I checked the address.
You need ETH on this address to be able to send your USDT.

Any amount of ETH ? How can I get ETH

At least $1 worth of ETH should be enough for sending the token.

I will try funding 1 ETH now

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Please where can I sell my USDT

Are you trying to cash it out?
Check this thread: Cashing out your Crypto

I didn’t see USDT as an option, it is full of bitcoin,ETH and other famous coin

If you have a Binance account, you can try this:

I will try opening one now

Hello, my USDT withdrawal transactions have been pending for over 6 hrs, i need help canceling them so I can try again.

Wallet version: 1.11.1 android

Address: 0x6381eC41254a885055186572C143DbCf4C2575a6

Transaction ID:




I just did a BTC withdrawal and I am having the same issue:

Transaction ID: ea17a4427fd20bbb93b6fba18eb8ec2cbccec248f4b8057822a108da8a9278b2

The BTC withdrawal just confirmed

Follow this guide to fix the Pending transactions.

Hello I Have Some TRC20 USDT I want to Transfer but transaction failed because of TRX

So what can I do? Because I want to transaction

USDT transaction need TRX?? TRX address TRC20 is good?? Or another??