Unable to Transfer USDT (TRC20)

I want to transfer some tether to a currency exchange but it doesn’t accept any addresses
Help me please

Can you tap on Tether USD and take a screenshot the USDT wallet.
I would like to confirm what type of USDT you have.

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It is of the Tron type and the transfer to the Tron address is not in place

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Thanks for sharing the information.
First you need to have some TRX on the wallet to be able to send out the token.
Second, the destination exchange should be able to receive this variant of USDT.


Thank you very much :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

How my recovery trust wallet

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Here is a guide for restoring a wallet using Recovery Phrase.

Yo tengo un problema similar ya que envie desde un bot de telegram a mi cuenta de tether erc20, la billetera dice que me llegaron pero no se me refleja alguien que me ayude porfavor

¿Un bot de Telegram envió a Tether a su billetera ETH? Esto suena como una ficha falsa.
Si puede proporcionar la dirección ETH que puede ayudarnos a confirmar.
También puedes consultar este artículo:

A Telegram Bot sent Tether to your ETH wallet? This sounds like a fake token.
If you can provide the ETH address that can help us confirm.
You can also check this article:

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Mira esta es la billetera y el bot en esta imagen

Please speak English

Definitely fake USDT.
See transaction: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
Article above explains it.

Definitivamente falso USDT.
Ver transacción: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
El artículo anterior lo explica.

How do I get TRX? B
Because I can’t send out my USDT too please I need your help

What is your TRX address?

TDmBCHHYnVWt8MHAKq6eH7RqAeN6UJzB89 that’s my TRX

I do not see any USDT on this address.

This is the same address you send.
Can you show me where you are seeing the USDT on your wallet?