unable to unstake kava

stake in unstake has expired and I did, but I can not get kava. What is the reason.

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Crypto address

Transaction ID (if you have any)

More Details about your issue

After 21 days I could not get my kava. I also did unstake. but when can I get my kava after unstake.

@ercani I think there’s something that is not clear for you about Kava staking… When you stake your kava there’s no expiration time, that means your staked kava will remain staked and generate rewards until you decide to unstake can be after days, months, years etc… Once the process of unstaking KAVA has been started, you will not receive any staking rewards anymore. The unstaking of your tokens will take a full 21 days before they become available.

Read more about KAVA unstaking: How to Unstake KAVA Tokens

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i did not know this information sorry
i think i must wait until end date
thanks a lot