Unable to withdraw frim pancake 🥞 syrup pool

I can’t withdraw my cake that I staked on cake pool in the pancake :pancakes: syrup pool I have tried all to no avail.

I staked 200 cakes on the cake pool I have smart chain balance to pay for my transaction yet I can’t seem to unstake my cake from the pool please @iamdeadlyz I need your help.

The following information could give you a clue of what you might think is the problem.

Transaction i.d of the failled transaction:



Hi @InvestorAwesum,

The SYRUP tokens that you have right now is less than your current stake on the contract right now.
SyrupBar Token (SYRUP) Token Tracker | BscScan

For further assistance, it is best to contact the admins or dev team of Pancakeswap directly, as this is not a Trust Wallet issue. Here’s the telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @pancakeswap

P.S. Beware of impersonators. Make sure you are talking to a legitimate admin. Else, you are likely to lose your funds to a scammer.


Thanks alot am grateful

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