Unauthorized smart contract

Hi folks. Could those in the know please help me understand how a smart contract was initiated on a withdrawal from my Trust wallet? At the approval window, it only showed the correct address, but once complete it was a different address. The withdrawal was USDT on BNB, but the smart contract changed this to BUSD stable coin. I have done this transfer a hundred times on my mobile device successfully, this was my first time using a brand new desktop. If there is no way to recover my funds, how do I prevent it happening again? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Mal. Tx hash 0x5016a1dc9b07f50d22e8ef95d8bbb8eb47b6fd744af60dab47b4e1436d95a8d8


@mal Your transaction history shows multiple similar transactions.
Did you try making a swap or only sending out?

Hi Tobi, I have made a lot of transactions to and from this wallet over the last year. All transactions have been deposits and withdrawals, no swapping. All transactions on my mobile device have been successful. Two transactions from my Trust wallet Chrome extension are the problem. One for $350, and a second for $2. I sent the second to make sure that I hadn’t made a mistake. At the approval page, the correct address was shown. After approval, the address changed. I got a notice that a smart contract had been successful. But I didn’t do a smart contract, don’t even know how to do that. Regards, Mal.

@mal If there is an unauthorized transaction in your wallet, it’s best you create a new wallet immediately and stop using the current one then.

Hi Tobi, I will move all funds and create a new wallet. It would still be valuable to understand what happened. My best guess is some conflict between Trust wallet chrome extension and one of the other extensions that I have installed. Trust wallet still works correctly on mobile device, it is only the chrome extension. New computer, win11, only used to connect to the largest exchanges. One thing that may help you determine the issue is, for some reason, the selected network on trust chrome extension shows both BNB and Solana. This is not the case on mobile app. Also worth noting, I have never used the solana network nor ever held solana. I can send you the list of chrome extensions if you want. Otherwise I will one by one remove the other chrome extensions and see if this rectifies the situation. Cheers, Mal.

@mal Did you try deleting the Trust app on your chrome extension and reinstalling?

Hi Tobi, Yes I deleted the trust extension, restarted and reinstalled. When I select switch network icon it still shows that BNB and Solana networks are selected. I sent a test transaction that arrived at the right address. TxID 0x591f43c5861163378186df96575c75cc363ca19d2b5ed50a11b824f6ae6c67e6
I also deleted coinbase wallet, nami, parallel wallet, phantom and wallet guard. I am tempted to start reinstalling these extensions until I find which one was interfering with the Trust ext. Thoughts? cheers, mal.

There are too many scams going on with smart contracts.Make sure you dont connect to them as they are a kind of malware that is trying to steal your funds in different forms.