Unauthorized transfer out of my wallet

I just unstaked my cake and I swapped it to bnb through the swap option on trust wallet. I was just about to move it to my binance bnb address when I received a notification that the whole bnb has been transferred. I did make any transfer but my bnb is all gone… I went to confirm the transaction on bscscan and it is gone for real… I have been on trust wallet for almost 3yrs and I never gave out my seed phrases to anyone. I don’t understand what is happening… all my 9+ bnb is gone… my trust wallet bnb address 0xd51417cb82d23384E7996989fa78d21d60280331


Hello @chinerio , we can’t help you .

Please read the article

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I did do any of that. I am not that careless. Can you please help me investigate to understand what really happened. This is the very first time something like this would be happening to me in my 3yrs of using crypto. Could it be because I used 1inch swap on trust wallet to swap to bnb or what

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Like i said , we can’t …

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Please at least let me know what went wrong so that I can prevent it from repeating itself in the future. I checked the link you suggested and I am sure I never did any of that

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I don’t own your wallet , i don’t own the binance blockchain , can’t say anything . please read the full article

I’m not in your place I can’t really know what’s going on I’m closing the topic.