Uncomplicated and finding a profitable purpose for TWT

It would be great if Trust wallet added this exchange from TWT BEP2 TO TWT BEP20 within Trust wallet and that would bring value to the token since all tokens in the wallet that wanted to change from bep2 to bep20 would exchange for TWT and do the conversion … why the trust wallet administrator doesn’t have this idea anymore … or hasn’t done it yet … it would be really cool! it would be great! you wouldn’t need to remove the tokens from your wallet to make this convention! it would be great!


Yeah true! I think it’s part of their plans and that’s why conversion is done on BSC desktop for now. The Team is still working to make things easy for Trust Wallet users.
So stay tuned, it’s in their plans.


Well I will say Trust wallet likes to make things happen just like flash, I’m convinced what the team is all about since they burn twt without any news. I’m still shocked anyway and that makes me to believe they have great plans and the card they play is always check mate, I won’t be surprised when I see twt on Binance exchange because trust wallet is unpredictable and I like it,
So I believe they know what to do about that.


This is a great idea, it would even raise the price of the token, since the other tokens would switch to TWT to make this conversion from bep2 to bep20 from vice versa …


Good ideas keep writing