Understanding of collecting and its benefits

A collector is someone who collects items or items where these items are classified as steps or difficult to obtain, there is also someone who defines the collector as a place to sell items / items that are often traded
In terms of collecting, especially in the Blockchain world, there are several things that must be understood first, including

-The number in circulation

  • Network coverage
  • Project builder (Dev)

Let’s discuss about collecting especially NFT items from ERC20, NFT from ERC20 can be obtained from for example if there is a particular event from the project maker, such as binance, dego, etc., we can also get NFT from the site of the provider or directly from the DApp such as Cryptodozer, cryptokities .
In terms of collecting, there are several benefits that we can get, including

  • Making collection materials as investment; the point here is that when we get an NFT from the provider or the DApp we can save it in advance and can wait until the price in the market rises.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-24 at 02.33.27

  • As an insight enhancer; that is, this is where we can understand each of the items or NFTs that we will collect, both from the use, market, and profit when collecting.
  • There are also some people collect as a hobby.
    For the NFT market, there are several places, namely Opensea, the marketplace, and usually the providers of the NFT provide a direct market for the NFTs to be distributed.

Here I show you some of the market and NFT prices that are in circulation and the current market estimates.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-24 at 02.35.38 (1)