Unseen Token via Transaction (Bsc - NFT.Punk)


I made a transaction yesterday (16th of May, 2021) buying NFT.Punk tokens with my Bsc Tokens via Pancakeswap (Dapp browser), it was pending for a while until executed but I couldn’t see the token in my trust wallet yet i got a transaction Hash.

Transaction Hash: 0xc25a5f1fe28b8fa27615de1b356a9179e4df46d8acae3f4c9ace4000f5f2e6b0

I would like to know why and how to resolve this problem. Thank You.

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Quite a very simple to thing to resolve. However you Need to be careful. Message+17605899139 Trustwallet

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You mean a text message? i thought messages here are seen by Officials



It’s seen , I am informing you of a fast way to get your questions answered. That’s it.

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