Unstake atom problem

Hi, I can´t unstake ATOM, from 24/01/21 already past 21 days. the validator has been decommisioned. the message is:
Unable to unstake ATOM with error Insufficient ATOM to cover network fee.
version: 1.26.14
adress: cosmos1yw778naf9f2vvlmf3yqwgqclyx8s9xqg5tfsn0
the fee is very low, 0.001 ATOM, can you take it from stake and put in spot? or can you take the fee from mount in staking directly?

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Hi @juancho,

You have 0 available ATOM. You need at least 0.001 ATOM so you can unstake. The network does not automatically reduce it from your unstaking balance nor from the unstaking rewards.
Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation

Hi, deposited atom funds, Updated TW yesterday to 1.27.8 version, tryed again and still can´t unstake.
What else can I do?

Hello @juancho,

Based on the errors, you were trying to unstake more than what was staked.
Example: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation

When unstaking, press max or enter this as the amount 114.766522.

No way.

Cool, looks like it worked.

Wait for a couple of days for your ATOMs to be fully unstaked.
You can track here: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation

i have same problem
Unable to unstake ATOM with an error Insufficient ATOM to cover network fee.
I have used the dex to buy some atom with gas fee again!
But Tw gave me peg cosmos atom
So it still needs 0.001 atom?!

  • Delegator Address


  • Validator Address

cosmosvaloper1e0plfg475phrsvrlzw8gwppeva0zk5yg9fgg8c(Easy 2 Stake)

Binance-Pegged Atom Tokens cannot be used as network fees for the Cosmos blockchain as they are running on different networks.

So yes, you need to have a sufficient amount of available native ATOM in your wallet to cover the network fee.

Thank you for reply
But please help
There is no way to buy “normal” atom on TW
And i can’t send 0.001 atom from outside

To get native ATOM, you can buy via the third-party crypto provider that is integrated into the app (guide: How to Buy Crypto With Trust Wallet) or by withdrawing from an exchange (example: Binance - Cryptocurrency Exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins).