Unstaking bnb and other coins

I have tried to unstake my stacked coin, only one was successful while for the rest always give a message says insufficient funds, the coins with this problem is BNB, TRX, and ATOM, i think this is affecting our will to stack any more, look at binance how easy and fast os to stack and unstack, it just one click with immediate action, please guys in Trust help and develop accordingly


I am facing thesame problem right now I have been try to unstack my Tron for a while now and it’s showing insufficient… Please guys look I’m to it

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I am having the same problem. My Rune has been frozen and now I want to unfreeze but I see no way. I certainly could use some help as well

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Same here !!!
I just staked my BNb and tried to test if I can unstake them ,then …
I am really worried now !

I think I have knew how to fix this problem!
You probably staked all the BNB in your wallet like me, but TWT has a very fucking mechanism, you need to use extra money in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

Please note that the money you have staked is not in your wallet, but in the address of the validator. Your wallet just tells you that you have so much money staked, but if you check your address on BSC , You will find that there is no BNB in your address.

So one solution is to transfer a small amount of BNB from other places to your TWT wallet, and do not stake this amount of BNB, then you will have enough money to pay the transaction fee.