Unstaking problem

I have tried to unstake my stacked coins, only one was successful while for the rest always give a message says insufficient funds, the coins with this problem are BNB, TRX, and ATOM, i think this is affecting our will to stack any more, look at binance how easy and fast is to stack and unstack, it just one click with immediate action, please guys in Trust help and develop accordingly, i just need to unstake, it feels like yes you have balance but we don’t want to give it to you? I’m using the last version from google play


  1. You need latest app version
  2. You need small amount of these tokens to cover your transaction fees for unstake transaction
    read more here; Search results for 'staking' - Trust Wallet

I’m using the last updated version and also I am trying not to unstake all the amount and leave a good amount for the fees although I am having the same problem this is very annoying

hi @sam.omr fee is deducted from non staked asset, that means it should be available in your wallet.

One more thing, I have followed The steps provided in the link and still having the same problem

Well thanks its done I had to deposit from another wallet to unstake my coins, an idea to develop, just deduct from the stacked coins and make the unstaking immediate instead of 7 days for bnb, i will then difinetly stack more and more