unusual red notification(?) graphic, only in one wallet

this just popped up, and it’s concerning me a little. I’ve used trust wallet for about 9 months now, and I’ve never seen this red circle in this location before.

i actively trade on 7 different TW wallets — this only appears under one, and only on the wallet tab.

I’ve exhausted all notifications, yet it still persists.

i can’t find any information on what it is indicating or alerting me too, so it’s growing a little concerning.

please advise.

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Hello @Aeison that pop up signifies that there’s a pending transaction in one of your wallets.


thank you!

I’m not seeing any incoming or outgoing tx that haven’t cleared on bscscan.

do you happen to know if auction format trades are capable of triggering this?

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@Aeison not sure about auction, but if it is a bug, could be resolved by re-importing the specific wallet.

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