Update of Trust Wallet

How do I update my Trust wallet?

How do I know if I still have the most current version?

If I download a trust wallet from app store, how can I be sure it is the correct Trust wallet App?


Hello @CesarBuque
You can try downloading the APK directly from our website https://trustwallet.com/.
Find more information here: Where to Download Trust Wallet?

You can be sure you have the latest version by check the app store. If there’s no update available then you have the latest version.

Hi Jenny, as I am an Android user without play store, I was used to download APK from trustwallet com, currently I’m on verison 5.9. Tried to update to 5.29 from the official site but it says there is a signature conflict not making me install it. Signature of my current version is: e3733eac905c948d406f2b4c674bae08.
Is this right?
Thank you very much.

@andreade it is safe as long as you download from our official site: https://trustwallet.com/