Updated Security Scanner, New Staking Options, Expanded Language Support, And More

We’re thrilled to bring a ton of new features, improvements, and enhancements to your Trust Wallet experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • :lock: dApp Security Scanner for safer Web3 browsing

  • :sun_with_face: In-app Solana staking added to the Browser Extension

  • :star2: Expanded blockchain and staking support for mobile: Kusama, Injective, Stargaze, & more

  • :earth_americas: 100% localization – use Trust Wallet in more languages than ever

  • :fast_forward: Quick access to swaps and staking

  • :coin: ERC20 support for Thorchain swaps

  • :heavy_plus_sign: And much more!

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dApp Security Scanner

Our Security Scanner now scans for malicious dApps and warns you prior to connecting, making your Web3 experience even safer.

More token, blockchains, and staking options

We’ve added blockchain support and staking support for Kusama (KSM), Injective (INJ), and Stargaze (STARS).

In addition to that, we also now support Crypto.org staking and Tezos FA2 tokens.

New ‘Earn’ button for easier access to staking options

Accessing staking options has never been so easy. Just select the new ‘Earn’ button from the main wallet page to see all the different staking opportunities you can access using Trust Wallet.

Improvements for swaps

To make swaps easier to access, we’ve added a ‘Swap’ menu item.

We also added Ethereum and Avax token pairs on Thorchain swap, and optimised swap loading times and pair caching for a smoother swapping experience.

Trust Wallet is now 100% localized

With full localization, you can access Trust Wallet in more languages than ever.

One-click access to view blockchain transactions

Checking your transactions on the blockchain is now easier. Get one-click access to the ‘Check explorer’ option from any asset’s details page.

Other fixes and improvements

We’re always tweaking the Trust Wallet experience to be as great as possible. Here are few more things we included in this release:

  • We’ve redesigned the market info section for a smoother crypto price tracking experience.

  • Improved layout on WalletConnect account request.

  • Fixed ZCash transaction issues.

  • Fixed Terra Classic CW20 token transfer issues.


Expanded blockchain support

We’ve expanded support for Injective, Stargaze, and Cronos staking, as well as added support for the Kusama blockchain, which includes KSM staking.

Swap bottom navigation & Earn Quick Action

We’ve added a ‘Swap’ menu item, making it easier to access swaps. Additionally, the new ‘Earn’ button on the home wallet screen lets you access staking options seamlessly.

Trust Wallet is now 100% localizedl

The app is now 100% localized, supporting more languages than ever before. Enjoy a personalized experience tailored to your preferred language.

Thorchain swap ERC-20 Support: Stablecoin swaps

We’re now supporting ERC20 stablecoin swaps via Thorchain, offering more flexibility for your trading needs.

Browser Extension

Browser Extension Support for Cosmos Chains

We are now supporting Cosmos chains, meaning you can effortlessly send and receive tokens on various Cosmos networks, including Cosmos Hub, Evmos, Neutron, and Osmosis. Enjoy seamless transactions and broadened functionality with the Trust Wallet Browser Extension.

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