Upload Ticker Image for SPL Token TBET

If I could please have some assistance in uploading the ticker logo to our SPL token for a new DAO project.

Token Name: TrustBet On-Chain

Token Symbol: TBET

Contact Address: xpFbKJa92Ee1NSYEhc3b3BVk4im8YStXRaVW6EoW33w

Link to ticker image. (256x256) png 25kb: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2eqM4hydi5sjLWW57

Thank you from the TrustBet On-Chain team!

[email protected]

@TrustBet To have a token listed properly in the trust app you must submit a PR request and meet the following requirements

Hi Toby!
Thanks for your reply. I had a look at that and couldn’t see any facilitation for Solana SPL tokens, so it’s still the same method as you described for an SPL? Thank you for your speedy reply.

Hi Toby,
Thanks for your reply, I thought I had replied to you but I can’t see my post, so I thought I’d just confirm. I have looked at the link you suggested previously and it doesn’t actually list Solana in the guide, is a Solana SPL not able to have a ticker logo uploaded yet? It only lists ETH, BEP2, BEP20, Tron as supported Blockchains on the Contribution Checklist of add asset section.
Regards, and thank you.


@TrustBet That post wasn’t updated recently, so you can still follow it.

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