Urgent i don't see my money after the last update

hello trust wallet support yesterday i updated my wallet when it finish i don’t see my money on it please help me to find my money please

Hello @Mael0704 show us more proof , any more screenshot ? . we need more proof what’s wrong exactly ?

to tell the truth I don’t really know yesterday evening I went to my wallet and it asked me for an update so I did it after downloading I see that my money is no longer there so I check if there were any transactions, I don’t see any new transactions for the BITCOIN currency but I don’t see my money and I check the TRON currency I see an unknown transaction
But for the bitcoin currency i don’t find new transaction…

the transaction hash…


they stole my bitcoin and my tron

Sorry for your loss in this case there is nothing we can do to help you. you have to create a new wallet and no longer transfer money to the old one because a thief has stolen it.

and why i don’t see the last transaction of the bitcoin because i think i have to see the last transaction???

reallly waw my gosh i though it was the update,please tell me how someone can scam after give your phrase and clic a link,any other ways that can happend???

do you think people can scam you with your address???

Not with your address , but you probably shared something with a fake admin or a fake website etc etc .

no sir u can trust me no only my address i put on a platform site this platform was a scam after that nothing

Again To be honest we can’t help you . when it’s gone , it’s gone sorry

okay sorry sir and thanks for your help have a great afternoun may God bless you.

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