URGENT: Sent Binance peg eth to erc20

Hello everyone .Please help
I was having 0.78186208 Binance Peg ETH in my trust wallet . I went to Okex exchange and sent my ETH from Trust wallet to okex.
Later i came to know that okex supports only ERC20 and not BEP20 and thus my ETH is not added in Okex.
please tell me whats the real issue and what can be done now

  1. Issue occured because i transferred Binance peg ETH to an ETH address or
  2. Issue occured because i transferred to an ERC 20 address

is there any way to recover my ETH

Bsc sacnner link:

Having the same issue did the exact same thing did they get back to you with a way to recover?

I did the same thing sending Binance-Peg Ethereum to an ERC account. I have my recovery phrase not sure what to do next. Do I uninstall the trust wallet and then reinstall? Or is there another method. I also looked at the meta mask and having a hard time following the steps. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Vivek9991, unfortunately, Okex is the only one who can assist with this issue. Since they have the crypto on their wallet. If they can’t retrieve it nor credit your account, then, you may consider it as lost.

@rayzer, where did you send it? to an exchange deposit address as well?

I sent it to bitrue. Ive messaged bitrue they said their looking into it.

I see. Please continue in communicating with them. No one can recover it aside from them as they have the crypto on their wallet. If they are not willing to credit or retrieve it, then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and triple-check things first.