USDC (Optimism) from Coinbase Not Showing Up in TW

I sent $100 USDC (on Optimism) from Coinbase to TW. Its been over 3 days and it still has not showed up in TW. What do I need to do to get this resolved?

Here is the Transaction Hash

@kindwarrior You’d need to add it manually. Tap the upper right corner on your main wallet page, search USDC and toggle on the one with the “Optimism Ethereum” tag

I toggled it ON but still not there. Im having a hard time figuring out how to manually import it to the optimism wallet

To clarify. I can import on my phone as “view-only” but its not letting me import it on the browser. Is there a way to change it from “view-only”? Or add it on the computer

@kindwarrior You need to import with your seed phrase to actually access the funds.
Importing with your address only makes it a watch only wallet which you can’t transact on but only watch.

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