USDC via Stellar not Received

A friend of mine (the guy I know personally and definitely not a scammer) sent me 100 USDC via the Stellar network. This was the first USDC transaction in my Wallet (I had transactions with other tokens before though). When the money arrived they were shown as “claimable”. When I tried to press “Claim” button, I got “Not available” error message. Couple of days later the wallet started to show 0 just as before the transaction. As of now, the wallet still shows 0 USDC in my wallet. I’m trying to figure out what has happened and how to get the money. At the same time I do have XLM tokens on my balance - they’re needed for transactions in Stellar network.

Here is the link to the transaction details: StellarExpert | Stellar XLM block explorer and analytics platform
Application version: 8.2.7 on Android. After the update to 8.2.8 the problem still persists.