USDT (Binance) to BNB Smart Chain (Trust Wallet)

I made a mistake by transferring USDT from Binance to BNB Smart Chain in Trust Wallet.
I have enabled USDTBEP2 but still can’t see the transaction.

Here are the details:

  1. Trust Wallet Version 1.29.1
  2. BNB Wallet Address: 0xf388D5f8c44D0579B7716c65BFe038fE13e9b43a
  3. TxHash: 0x06b35d10559c80b1fdb782e04cd82c5cab58906fe30f13e2f03f4763718287fa

Many thanks in advance

Can someone help, please? Would really appreciate it if the issue is resolved.

Why is no one replying when every query has received a response so far?
Can someone help, please?