USDT in limbo on KCC chain

I’m trying to recover my USDT, sent approx $3900 USDT ERC20 from my Kucoin account to my trust wallet through the KCC network and it’s still going through the confirmation process currently there are over 8200 confirmations yet no USDT in my wallet, please advise:

Transaction number :0xc74b8e4a481b1fe18686e4a9ce4d81383ee3e1817e5c0f568746fe050904b419
Trust wallet version 8.8
trust wallet address on KCC chain 0xf57944E4195Dbe131B5966eB7569B416931f4FD0
Trust wallet address for USDT ERC20 0xf57944E4195Dbe131B5966eB7569B416931f4FD0


Hello @mnykn9
Please tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for USDT, and enable the one with KRC20.
You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

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thanks for the response, I did finally figure it out and was able to retrieve the USDT on my mobile app, however now trying to add it to my trust wallet google extension on my laptop but not successful, if you have any advice would appreciate it


@mnykn9 The KCC network isn’t supported yet on the Browser Extension .

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@Tobi OK got it, thanks again for your response and time, really appreciate it

Since it’s not supported , how can I take my money out ; I have tried swap and even sending out but it didn’t work

Hello @Chidiwise36,
Can you please explain better what you’re trying to do?

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I have about $68 worth of KRC20 pegged tether USDt I keep getting difficult in sending or swapping

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Hello @Chidiwise361
The KRC20 pegged USDT is supported.
You can send out also but would require Kucoin Community Chain (KCS) as gas fee.

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Hello all. So i’m in a similar boat here. However, i’m trying to send my KRC20 pegged USDT to another wallet. When I attempt to do so, the transaction asks that I top off my KCS to pay the gas fee. I have $60 in KCS but the app is not registering the balance and continues to say “Top off” even though I have a balance. This $60 should be more than enough to send my USDT.

@Zillabeatz You probably do not have token on the KCC network.
Can you provide your receiving address?

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This is a KuCoin wallet

But it originally came from this wallet

@Zillabeatz This wallet has no history of any transactions.

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Excuse me that was incorrect. This is the receiving address I believe

@Zillabeatz You need the KCS token on actually the KCC chain and not ERC20 chain.

Ok so for clarification, I need to deposit KCS into my trust wallet using KCC network? Then this will use the KCC pegged KCS to send the USDT?

@Zillabeatz Yes that’s correct.

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It worked! Thanks for the help. I let it sit for a while because I could not find help, until now!

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Hi Tobi… I have a similar situation… I sent USDT from KK on KCC chain to my USDT Coinbase account… at that time, I wasn’t aware of the network and my mistake cost me a significant amount… I was so frustrated and angry that let it go… after almost 2+ years… more calm and perhaps now there is an alternative to get it back… I’m humbling reaching out to you to see if it’s possible. Thanks in advance!

@rmunoz You would need to contact the Coinbase team regarding this.