USDT transaction by different blockchains, Smart Chain to Ethereum

I sent a USDT amount from my Trust Wallet wallet through the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to another address of mine that is on the Ethereum Network. Can I recover this amount?


I did the same thing! Can anybody help?? Ive tried looking for info online and trust wallet troubleshoots but no information on this!! HELP :weary:

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You are only allowed to transfer to the network where you bought your coins

You are only allowed to transfer to the network where you bought your coins.So you need to be sure of the transmission network

So that’s it I cannot retrieve the funds ever? It’s just floating in the ether?

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Please make a last effort and contact the exchange. Hoping for recovery

Hi @gustavozzy @Kacegotgems

If you have the recovery phrase/keystore file/private key of that wallet, then you can still recover it.

Open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > Smart Chain > select the method of importing such as private key, mnemonic phrase, or keystore file.

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Hi @iamdeadlyz mdeadlyz I send some BUSD-T from my Trust Wallet to Chiliz exchange,
but the exchange address is Ethereum Network. Can I recover this amount? I hope you can help me.

Transaction Hash: 0xb5365b1fd7ff1f8929deb95b5cb47501ee67df4632f3f790219e74542e03ed91

If Chiliz exchange doesn’t give you the ability to get those that I mentioned earlier, then they are a custodial exchange. You have to contact their customer support and check if they can still recover it.

Hi thank you for responding really appreciate it! I tried the above but just shows my wallet again so for context I sent USDT (BEP20) to my KuCoin wallet (ERC20) from my trust wallet of course.

In that case, contact the customer support of KuCoin so they can check if it is still recoverable.

Hello, I tried to transfer from trust wallet to metamask referencia of this contract is: 0xe6ecbf54ba2a3177cb8aeda0518661f6a2a6cbb94f27f38f5e7600a5da61b0ee

I haven’t received the bnb in my metamask wallet and I don’t know what’s happened.

Please I need support from you thank you


I have USTD and wanted to swap them to ETH.
I am new to Trust Wallet, so it looks like we have to make a smart contact and then swap.
I completed the approval step and it created the Smart Contact.
Now i want to cancel the smart contact and send out the USDT to another wallet instead of converting them to ETH, how this can be done ?

Please help.
Thanks in advnace