USDT transfered to wallet not showing

USDT BSC transferred from binance not showing up in wallet but in block explorer show successful

Mobile wallet version : 11.2 (967)

Wallet address : 0x48b0B243f39a2908dbF1633E6Df93e94F9950480

TxID: 0x698ed9dd54e450dd3d0ccc46779578c42c8dcb30dd521f77724e25da042d3866

Please help


@Ahmao95 That’s a scam USDT token.
The real one has a price and logo.

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Just figured it out, got scammed :frowning:

Learned my lesson there is no shortcut money

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got same problem, I swapped BND TO SOL but the funds are going to a different address which is not my SOL address. im using the Trust Wallet

@ghgr Can you check your address on the SOL explorer to see if you received or not ?

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I am facing same problem. I have transferred USDT to my Binance, it went through immediately to my Binance Wallet day before. But today when I transferred it is showing completed in TW nothing receieved on my Binance account

Tx ID: 0x579715d15debc0afe48cb818eb9ec77e5ad20355983dcbbea0a0d32a0922abf4

The below transaction which I have received the fund on my binance day before
TXID: 0x43941ed862f2f98337d0d1b4d874a9fa67810d9698abbb62159fb7a344314618

@n661 If you deposited to Binance, then you need to contact their customer support team to help regarding it.

It is showing different recipient on my Trust Wallet transaction details not my binance address, I am afraid that my TW account is compromised. Would you able to check that from your end

@n661 If you don’t recognize an address or transaction in your wallet, it’s safe to assume that wallet is compromised and you need to stop using it immediately and create a new wallet.

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To My account was sent a larger sum of usdt…
The transfer was declined by Trust wallet.

Sender asked If My account IS compatible For transfers?

Help IS needed.

@Matias1 You are clearly speaking to scammers as Trust wallet is decentralized and hence can’t decline a transaction.