USDT Transferred using TRC20 not Reflecting in Trust Wallet

Please, can you help me? I transferred USDT via TRC20 to Trust Wallet but it is not reflecting in my account despite showing c0oonfirmed and success on Tronscan. I have updated my Trust Wallet, re-installed it, updated it and even restored my key yet nothing positive.

I use android version 1.28.6. Please, can you resolve this issue for me or facilitate a refund of the USDT to the source (Huobi Pro)?

The transaction ID or hash key is: ceea9a9c5058282539758b16018b4f21e24cb0e3dfff38ac4d0889cf6c2f22df
My wallet address is: TXtnkoV1iTn1ayGcDSRXTHh1YQXUeqjg7P