USDT trasnfer from Binance to Trust Wallet is not trasnsfer

i have transfer usdt from Binance through polgen network and its more than 5 days its not yet recievced in Trust wallet, i checked my Binnance support team and per binnance the transaction is completed.

Please help me to recover my missing usdts

Address : 0xCe7B503EfE742940bCBf6Cf179708286afcba9a6

TxID : 0x40fe315f4f82bd3d98f6e5363e7738d456a3bf4910685929009a19639d6e760b

Network : Matic


@tajumul You need to add your token manually.
Tap the upper right corner, search USDT and toggle on the one on the Polygon network


I had manually add the polygon udtc and check but still It’s not showing any usdt received.

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@tajumul Can you share a screenshot from your wallet.

i cant able to share the screenshot, while i try to upload i am geting this below error msg.

“An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

i can share it to you through email, share me ur email id

@tajumul I would initiate a conversation elsewhere, you can send your screenshot here

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as per my friend, i have unistalled my trust wallet app, and reinstalled and login-in once i get logged in my transaction usdt is showing

thanks for your support folk

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