USDT TRC-20 I don't see new transactions received

I have been working with USDT TRC-20 via Trust Wallet for 10 months now and have never had such a problem. The problem appeared on April 16

I don’t see in the transaction history of TRON or USDT TRC-20 transactions that I received. But I can see the transactions I sent.

The money that is sent to me appears on the total balance, but I don’t see it in the transaction history. I can use this money, but I don’t see any transactions about receiving money. I only see transactions with the money sent.

Transactions are displayed well in the TRON network, they are successfully confirmed, but in my transaction history I do not see the payments received. How to solve this problem?

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I downloaded the “clean” app to another iPhone and there is the same problem.In the transaction history, there are transactions that I send. But there are no transactions about receiving money. But the money on the balance is displayed correctly

The same here with safemoon tockens I’ve received them but there’s no transaction history where displayed

I found another thread that they already had this problem, and they solved it, but it appeared again and I don’t understand why it took so long for no one to solve this problem

Is there live tech support here? or are these messages going nowhere?

i have the same problem also, i get replied said that this is intentional because of the tron was unstable.

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Can you send the full response you received from them?

Hello @takashi666,

That’s intentional as the transaction history for Tron is unstable. As long as you can see the amount of tokens in your wallet, that’s fine. You can cross-check here as well: tronscan and/or trx.tokenview

this is the full msg replied

Hi my query is the same… I have deposited from an exchange to Trustwallet… transaction was successful but funds don’t appear can anyone of you help

Hi everyone! Please read: Trust wallet didn't show incoming transaction for TRC20 - #4 by iamdeadlyz