Usdt- trc20 Help

Hi I Have about $45 us dollars in usdt-trc20 however I wasnt aware that I couldnt send swap or sell them without a tron fee is there any way around that because curently i dont have any more money to pay for anything thank you any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @Scottschneider, no there isn’t a way around it.
All transactions in the blockchain require transaction fees in order to be processed by the miners/validators regardless of whether it was a successful transaction or not.
These fees go to the miners/validators directly, not to the Trust Wallet team.
You can buy using the app or withdraw from exchanges like Binance.

Learn more here:

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Ok thats what i thought but how come bitcoin doesnt charge a fee. Or why cant they take the fee out of the usdt that im sending?

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@Scottschneider Bitcoin transaction fee is also charged in Bitcoin.
it’s the same as if you want to send TRON out, the fee will be take from TRON itself but TRC20 USDT is under the TRON network hence fee will be taken from TRON.

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Dear trust support team

I have an issue about sending my TRC20 Tethers to another wallet and my transaction failed every time i tried. Its error is “out of energy”. However I have enough Trx tokens to afford the fee!
I really hopeless to solve this problem and I feel my tethers are stucked in.
I really need your help and support.
Thank you

Hello @Shahriar00
Ensure your app is updated and you have enough TRX as gas fees.

I have a similar question, but im trying to understand the ‘network’.
I have Tether TRC20 (USDT) and TRX in my trust wallet for gas fees.
But wallet network is set to ‘Smart Chain’.

If I send USDT TRC20 to an external address from trust wallet, will it go through on the tron network or the smart chain network that is selected?

Im afraid to mess this up and loose my USDT.

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Hello @jasonrmh As long as you’re sending on the TRC20 network to the right address, the receiver also gets TRC20 USDT.
You can only send on the network you have your tokens on in the Trust app.

Ok thanks.
In the browser extension, the network selection, am I right saying that does not affect transfers? It only affects connected dapps?

My problem is I have sent some usdt trc20 to a tron wallet, using browser extension and the amount shows on the Blockchain, tronscan, but receiver has not received the funds.

@jasonrmh Can you check the receiving address on the tronscan network and see what it says.

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The transaction shows on the Blockchain including at the sender’s address.

It took around 12 hours but the funds have now arrived.
I’m not sure why there would be a delay if it showed on the block chain immediately.

@jasonrmh Could be the receiver had an old version, that is if they use Trust wallet.